October 23, 2021

meeee weekend

Arttu visited us for a week. good times. when i visited helsinki we didnt get to spend as much time together, and same when i spent a few days in helsinki just before the pandemic... so the last time we really had time was i think Feb 2020 when he came to see our new home. we visited a few places of course, finally i got to see Sky Garden too - it is lovely. we also watched Tove which i had really been looking forward to - and it was really good. now im just chilling alone this weekend, doctor is at work and im going to take care of myself.

Spotify suggested me this song, maybe on my weekly discovery list; Tuvaband: He Said Me Too (spotify link). i really like it. lately, when i have a shower i play music and im stuck on this one playlist in particular. listening to the same playlist every time ive learned how long my showers are. i usually get halfway of the 4th song here (spotify links): 

The Saxophones: If You're On The Water
Wangel: Reason
Ville Valo: Olet mun kaikuluotain
SYML: The War

shower is the time to chill and reflect so it's important to have a playlist supporting that atmosphere.

this NYT article on "Bad Art Friend" was a good read. and then this journalist wrote an thoughtful piece on who really is the BAD friend in the story. 

 im still hurt over the Bond film. a few friends have gone see it so at least ive been able to discuss it finally. not many share my strong dislike for the plot though. anyway ive come across a few GOOD, fresh  articles on Bond that are not just praising how good the new film is.

AV Club on how Brosnan's Bond paved the way for Craig
BBC's take on Bond's future


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