December 31, 2021

end of year (not much)

early december i went to this disco event thingy in Islington with Ceri and her friends. i was worried im going to find myself in some sweaty nightclub but it was proper disco, 70s mostly. and a lot of the crowd was in their 70s too. and 50s. it was really comfortable, it was just chill and cozy but also fun. real boogie feel. 

i got my booster vaccine early december too. UK is doing well on the vaccine front. and not so well in anything else. im just glad to be vaccinated so i have one less thing to worry about.

i found and used Nerdapp to fix an icloud issue i'd had for like a year. i was really frustrated about not being able to fix it myself, considering it seems like basic stuff but honestly... anyway i signed up at 21:03. then i wasted 5 minutes doing something unrelated, and got back to Nerdapp. i then described my problem,  in under a minute a "nerd" picked it up and i installed Anydesk to let him fix the problem and at 21:21 the job was officially closed. so in reality the fix took maybe 10 minutes max. it's 12GBP per 15 minutes. for something thats driven me up the wall for a year, it was well worth it. basically this was like geek uber. i knew something like that had to exist and just google "it help app" or something, then checked it on Trustpilot and off i went. i am firmly middle aged i think. willing and able to pay for services. yes pls take my money and fix things for me. over a month ago when we had a party i got 4 hours of cleaning services in the days prior, just to help with some things we didnt get around to ourselves. earlier this year i started all those langauges classes and pilates. i still do pilates weekly, so that stuck.

the year in general was very much dominated by covid. the first half we were mostly confined to our home which after 2020 got to me and i was feeling down. when we got to meet people again i felt better. escape to St Lucia in july was a welcomed break and i still think of it fondly - it was the right thing at the right time. the fall has been a bit confusing, i did a lot with friends, we visited Bristol, i went to finland… but i’m not really feeling myself. i think it’s post covid early middle age that’s slapped me in the face. for 2022 i hope to find myself again. 

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