May 14, 2007

i was supposed to write a few words last night, but a splitting headache(probably worst i've ever had) forced me to go to bed and stay there. as far as i know, it filled the requirements of a migraine...i could barely open my eyes because the light hurt and so forth, but if it was a migraine a painkiller would not have solved it. at least i have the perception that ordinary painkillers do nothing to migraine. as soon as i felt decent, i fell asleep. i am heavily sleep deprived. and if that wasn't enough, i screwed up the process of re-hydrating my skin... now i have to start all over again.

my mom's b-day and mother's day party was actually interesting. i didn't expect to see so many people, like the cab driver from Paaso, where i'm from, i hadn't seen her in like 8 years. but she looks exactly the same as then. even her make up has remained the same. she knows all the gossip from around there and so she told me what everyone is up to, namely the kids i went to school with back then. its a very small village, so we're talkin about 20-25 people. only one out of all of them has moved to Helsinki, besides me. that is surprising. they didn't stay in Paaso but rather just moved to cities like Heinola or Lahti or some other village through marriage.

the eurovision party was alright, commenting the contestants brought us great joy... apparently you don't have to be a european country to participate (has become strikingly obvious as of late, or who thinks Armenia is part of europe? they were one of the 3 countries that didn't give any points to Lordi last year, they might as well get kicked out), the membership of EBU is sufficient. well, the eurovision thingy is a bit of a joke, the least clothes on the hottest chick shaking her ass the most usually wins. with the exception of last year. and this year. there were cats in the apartment and altho i was aware of this, i didn't think of taking antihistamines until it was too late. so i suffered, and even if kitties are totally worth it, it ate from my all over experience.

relationship-talk is kind of hard and complicated, but i've found that hockey vocabulary makes it much easier, at least both parties know what they are discussing and understand the situation. as for hockey otherwise, well. despite everything, the sun rose again this morning and birds sing and life goes on.

even if i usually put effort into how i look on a work day, i don't really except anyone to care or notice. i care and notice, that's why i do it. but a co-worker whom i rarely even talk to asked me if i got new jeans. and well i do! the ones i tuned myself a couple weeks ago. i admit its very unlikely i'd notice someones new jeans, or shirt. unless it was something very striking. which my jeans are not. anyhow, i'm flattered :)

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