September 18, 2023

i declare summer over

we have a glass jar with a tiny notepad and a pen next to it, and we write nice things or events or memories on it and then fold the note in the jar and we will go through them at the end of the year.

we went to see Oppenheimer on a while back. it was good. not my fav ever but definitely entertaining. 


we've had mice in the flat. it pisses me off. i will get every last one of them though! honestly they are cute and i dont *want* to kill mice, but if thats the only way to make them disappear...   (peppermint spray and such deterrants are weak at best, apparrently). so, mouse traps it is. 


yesterday was probably the last proper warm day of the summer (27c), and we had the luck of enjoying it at a bbq at Avner & Elmor's place with our new palestinian "neighbours" (they live like 500m from us). had a really chill, good time. i contributed with some finnish candy & licorice as well as home made laku.
the bonfire late in the night was lovely.

Melisa visited in august. we had fun, active times going (gay-)clubbing and drag brunching and whatnot. it was nice to see her after a long break. 


this chewing gum with energy drink flavour was so hilarious imo i had to buy it. it genuinely does taste like red bull or some others.

article i liked:
I Was Wrong about Trigger Warnings (Atlantic)

im thinking of some volunteering work to get out of the house, to meet people, help someone (and get the good feeling that comes from that), "integrate".   

with Raissa and Aleks we are planning a winter trip to finland in Feb. exciting and weird to be planning a touristy trip to my home country.

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